29 January 2019

Volkswagen going into electricity supply business

Volkswagen in Germany has gone into the electricity supply business, writes Brian Byrne.

The company has launched a home and business electricity service based completely on power produced by CO2-free renewable means.

The service is provided by a Volkswagen subsidiary, Elli Group, whose stated aim is to make 'eco-power easy and inexpensive ... for households and electric vehicles'.

The company is also working on a comprehensive range of smart charging solutions, including hardware, invoicing, and additional digital services, prior to the launch of Volkswagen's first dedicated electric cars under the ID brand.

Elli Group has claimed that its home electricity service, under the branding Volkswagen Naturstrom, could save a typical Berlin household €280 a year compared to the standard tariff of existing local suppliers.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen Ireland is expecting to have its full battery electric vehicle (BEV) dealer network completed by mid-year.

With the addition of 11 more dealerships recently to the BEV-enabled list, half of all its dealers in Ireland are now so enabled.

Volkswagen BEV dealers must meet exact standards when it comes to tooling, training, servicing standards and product knowledge before they can be certified to sell BEVs.