1 May 2008

Take note of that yawn!

Irish Advanced Motorists (IAM) has issued a warning to motorists to take notice of signs of tiredness.

Just one yawn may be enough to indicate that motorists might be putting themselves and other road users at risk if they press on.

One in five of all crashes on major roads are believed to be caused by tired drivers. And it may be even more - because those drivers that survive a crash (or a near miss) are unlikely to admit that they were too tired to drive when it happened.

* Don't start a long trip if you're already tired.

* Plan your journey to include at least a 15 minute break every two hours, even if you feel you don’t need it.

* If you feel drowsy, don’t press on regardless.

* As an emergency measure drink two cups of coffee or a high-caffeine drink and have a rest for 10-15 minutes.