16 March 2012

Uninsured cars 'won't get petrol' plan

British Government officials are said to be considering a new way of tackling uninsured cars—by making it impossible for them to fill up at petrol stations, writes Brian Byrne.

The scheme would use CCTV cameras already in place to discourage motorists driving away without paying for petrol, according to a report in the Mirror newspaper. The cameras use automatic numberplate recognition technology and only allow fuel to be poured when the registration number has been logged.

The scheme would involve linking the cameras with the UK's car registration database, the DVLA. This already knows whether cars are insured or not.

If the scheme was implemented, petrol wouldn't pour for an uninsured car.

Critics are calling the plan 'daft', 'Big Brother', and ask what about all the people who come to petrol stations with cans to fuel lawnmowers and other garden machines?

It is estimated Britain has 1.4m motorists who drive without insurance. That's one in 25, said to be the worst rate in Europe.