21 October 2013

AA: more callouts for tyre blowouts

The AA Rescue centre reports a significant increase in callouts for tyre blowouts since the beginning of October. This coincides with the results of an AA survey which shows that 11 percent of motorists have had a tyre blow out in the last four years.

Many things can cause blowouts, such as clipping the pavement when going around corners. The AA say many tyres have been so worn that they were bound to burst. "For so many people, money is tight at the moment and people are putting off spending on their cars, but this is a gamble that's not worth the risk."

The condition of our roads may be a contributing factor. Potholes and uneven roads can cause serious damage to tyres. An AA survey last March found that 82 percent of motorists believed the condition of Irish roads had deteriorated in the last year.

A new AA survey in July of 15,850 motorists found that 52 percent have regularly come across tyre debris on the roads. "If you are driving at 120km/h on a motorway and you strike a large piece of tyre, it can be lethal."

Motorists should check tyre thread depth and pressure and rotate tyres to help them last a bit longer. When the tread on a tyre is worn down, it's far easier to lose grip with the road and on wet roads, aquaplaning could happen. Driving on under inflated tyres is also very dangerous. Friction caused by soft tyres puts further pressure on weak points and makes a blow out more likely. The AA say they have seen more car insurance claims as a result of damage by blowouts.