8 October 2013

Audi schedules test drive events

Audi Ireland is to run a series of potential customer events around the country to give them a chance to test drive 2014 models and save money, writes Brian Byrne.

'The Future is Now' theme of the initiative reflects the emphasis on technology in current Audi products.

Savings of more than €7,000 are promised on pre-orders from the events, which will be held in Galway (19/20 October), North Dublin (2/3 November), Cork (9/10 November), Waterford (16/17 November), Sligo (23/24 November), and Cork (7/8 December).

There will also be a special Audi quattro event on 7/8 December at Weston Aerdorome. More information at www.audi.ie/futurenow.

The series was launched yesterday by TV presenter Kathryn Thomas.