4 October 2013

CLA wagon ... but not for Yanks!

Yanks will get GLA above, but no CLA wagon.
They're getting all fluffed up in the US about a proposed wagon version of the Mercedes-Benz CLA, writes Brian Byrne.

That's because although M-B has just confirmed they will built it ... the US won't get it.

The reason, as venerable Car and Driver magazine says, is because 'wagons in the US are considered old-fashioned and dull'.

Which is the case, because that beautiful Mazda6 Tourer doesn't get Stateside either. How the wheel turns - I'm old enough to remember when the American love affair was totally with the wagon.

There's a small consolation. Americans will get the GLA crossover version of the A-Class, which we recently reported on from the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Might suit them better, actually. Might suit us all better if family transport is our need and we fancy a small bit of luxury.