22 October 2013

Motorists don't like driving home in the dark

A survey in the UK has found that seven out of ten motorists there are against the clocks going back this weekend. Seems they don't like driving home from work in the dark. And 60 percent of drivers though there would be fewer deaths on their roads if the system were abolished.

A poll by car accident camera company Smart Witness showed that over 70 percent of people in the UK would vote to abolish the practise of British Standard Time (BST) if there were a referendum tomorrow. They said the law need to be changed to stop it from happening.

One of the main reasons given was the increased number of deaths on the roads involving school-children because of darker afternoons.

Darker afternoons cause more accidents than darker mornings and motorists are more likely to be tired after a day's work and concentration levels are lower. Also, children tend to go straight to school in the mornings but spend longer travelling home in the afternoon, increasing their exposure to road dangers. There are also more shopping, social and leisure trips after work, so this is the time where it makes more sense for it to be lighter.

A small percentage said they preferred having lighter mornings.