31 October 2013

Warning against burning tyres this Halloween

People preparing bonfires for the Halloween celebrations tonight are advised not to include tyres among the material they plan to burn, writes Brian Byrne.

Tom Dennigan, General Manager of Continental Tyres Ireland says: "We have heard many reports from our tyre dealer customers on the ground of increased incidences of theft of old tyres in the run up to Halloween. We have to assume that these have been stolen with a view to burning them on bonfires and we would strongly advise against that."

He says aside from it being illegal, smoke from burning tyres carries toxins that are detrimental to both humans and animals. "The residue from burnt tyres can also be very damaging to the environment. The only safe way to burn a tyre is in a concrete kiln which would have sophisticated filtration system in place to neutralise any toxins.

"In view of the strong family-focus of Halloween celebrations, often with young children being allowed out late for the first time, it is all the more important that we ensure that bonfires are safe for all revellers, young and old. For this reason it is not advisable to burn tyres of indeed, any other material that may release noxious fumes or that could risk exploding when heated."