5 November 2013

Rally School's Winter Driving Training

Winter is now with us, bringing the challenge of dark frosty mornings, hazardous roads and damage to cars, writes Trish Whelan.

Many thousands of cars will be exposed to risk, hundreds will be damaged, drivers will be inconvenienced by losing their car, making claims on their insurance, and facing increased premium costs.

Tyres and technique greatly reduce this daunting prospect, yet few drivers understand that much can be done to avoid accidents.

Rally School Ireland is BMW's appointed Winter Driving School for Ireland. They have the facilities that train drivers how to handle winter road conditions, how to use the safety features of their car and how to avoid accidents. The Rally School is based at Gola, Scotstown in Co Monaghan where their €2 million facility can accommodate individuals, groups and corporate clients.

The track (above) comes with handbrake turns and hairpin bends along with wider corners designed to get the rally car drifting and sliding.

To find out more, call them on 047 89098, or visit their at www.rallyschoolireland.ie.