27 March 2014

Check out your car for summer

The UK-based Institute of Advanced Motorists offers advice for getting cars ready for spring/summer that applies just as much in this jurisdiction.

Now is a good time to give your car a spring clean. Salt is corrosive and will cause rusting if left on the bodywork. If possible take your car to a car wash that specialises in under-car cleaning to get rid of every trace.

The UK pollen season can be pretty miserable for hayfever sufferers, so replacing your car's pollen filter annually is a vital investment. Keeping your air-conditioning well maintained will help as well.

Servicing your air-con will also help your car smell better. If it smells stale when you turn the heating on, it could well be a sign that mould is building up in your condenser.

Flies will soon be out in force so be sure to refill your washer fluid. Habitually washing the windscreen and headlamps when you stop for fuel is also important as windscreen wipers won't get rid of all the fly debris.

Old wiper blades are not only noisy, they can leave marks on the windscreen, so remember to replace them regularly. Clean them regularly to avoid damaging your windscreen.

After a pot-holed winter, check your wheel and tyre alignment. Misaligned tyres wear out more quickly.

Anti-freeze contains corrosion inhibitors so you should keep your car topped up all year round - going without could lead to expensive engine damage.