14 March 2014

On the road to Glasgow

Irish Car+Travel is on a bit of a road trip this weekend that should be a lot of laughs, writes Brian Byrne. Literally. I'm in Glasgow for the International Comedy Festival, from which I hope to show just how much buzz there is in the city at any time, and that it's a viable run for a weekend for us down here in Ireland.

You can fly here, of course, but we're into cars, so I drove up from mid-Kildare this morning in my car for the week, the Ford Kuga Titanium S. More on the car when I review it, but it proved a fine machine for galloping almost 400km on a solo drive.

Getting to Larne from home was around three hours, including a missed turn on the M2 in Belfast, and the P&O ferry to Cairnryan is a very pleasant one and three-quarter hours that nicely breaks the journey before the less than two hours more it takes to get to what has long been the commercial capital of Scotland.

It is so easy to drive into Glasgow centre, with the M8 going through the middle of the city and offering quick exits to whatever part you want to go. Sure, I know there are perceived downsides to having motorways 'splitting' cities, but in this case it makes it really easy for the motorist traveller.

Too soon to provide details of the city, but I have a full itinerary planned for the weekend by VisitScotland, and I'll be uploading regularly as I get along. There'll be my own pictures too, but in the meantime thanks to Scottfree92 for the city compilation above.

My hotel is very modern inside, but in a 19th century building that has an awful lot of industrial, and particularly electrical history underpinning it. More on this, and on everything else, over the next few days.

Meantime, I've just received an invite to food and a 'dram'. Already this is as friendly a city as I've been in for a long time.

Later ...