11 April 2014

Ferrari warranty cover now up to 12 years

While I will never get to own a supercar, there are lots of Irish people who do, writes Trish Whelan. This will be of special interest to Ferrari owners.

Ferrari has announced a first for an automotive manufacturer: extended warranty cover of up to the 12th year of the car's life.

The warranty scheme is divided into two programmes - the possibility of extending the all-inclusive factory-backed warranty by up to one year for a total of five years of cover, and a New Power Warranty which extends the existing level of manufacturer-backed cover up to the 12th year from first registration.

It's all to do with after sales services which Ferrari claim are the most comprehensive of any currently on the market.

Along with the manufacturer four-year warranty, all new Ferraris come with a free, seven-year Genuine Maintenance programme designed to ensure that cars are serviced to the highest standards and maintain their value over time. The standard manufacturer warranty periods may differ from market to market.

In Ireland, Charles Hurst is an official Ferrari dealer.

Now, where did I put that Lotto ticket?