10 April 2014

Ford Mustang celebrates 50 years

Two of the world's most recognisable icons are coming together on April 16-17 as the all-new Ford Mustang will be on display on the observation deck of the Empire State Building in New York, writes Trish Whelan.

The display - which replicates the same feat from nearly 50 years ago - coincides with the global celebration of 50 years since Mustang debuted at the 1964 World's Fair in The Big Apple.

Taking a car 86 stories above the densely populated streets of Midtown Manhattan is no simple task. No portable crane can reach the 86th floor observatory, and the spire towering above the relatively narrow deck makes helicopter delivery impossible. That leaves the elevators as the only viable option.

In 1965, a prototype Mustang convertible was sliced into three main sections plus windshield so that the sections would fit into those elevators. The car is pictured above on the viewing platform.