17 April 2014

Golf extreme concept for Beijing

So, what does an extra 100hp mean when you already have 300hp under the hood of a Golf R? asks Brian Byrne.

Answer, a full second quicker to 100km/h when all is pushed to the limit.

It's a concept which Volkswagen is planning to wow the showgoers at Beijing with, in the guise of the Golf R 400 Concept.

No plans to build it, but you never know ...

As well as engine mods, the R 400 has wild body and bumper tweaks, flared wheel-arches, uprated wheels and an interior with motorsport shell seats.

‘Lemon Yellow’ is the ultra extreme colour for VW, it seems, and it features in exterior and interior highlights.

It's an AWD creature, with a DSG autobox shifting the car to the magic 100km/h in 3.9 seconds.