15 April 2014

Land Rover partner with Virgin Galactic

Land Rover is partnering with Richard Branson's pioneering commercial spaceline, Virgin Galactic, writes Trish Whelan. The partnership involved the global reveal in New York of Land Rover's new Discovery Vision Concept car alongside SpaceShipTwo, the world's first commercial spaceship.

Land Rover is Virgin Galactic's first global partner, bringing together two world leaders in adventure, innovation and exploration. The partnership will be used to inspire young people across the globe to pursue careers in engineering, science and technology, pushing the boundaries of travel for the next generation.

It will see Land Rover vehicles become part of daily life for the Virgin Galactic team and for all 'Future Astronauts' the space experience will now begin with Land Rover as they arrive in New Mexico for training, and continue to the moment they drive from the space terminal building to the waiting spaceship. Land Rover will base a fleet of vehicles at the Virgin Galactic test centre in the Mojave Desert, California, and at its operational New Mexico base, Spaceport America.

The announcement was made on board USS Intrepid, a former aircraft carrier and now a museum dedicated to the exploration of sea, air and space, and anchored on the Hudson River. Land Rover brought a unique full-size replica of SpaceShipTwo VSS Enterprise to New York, where it joined British Airways Concorde and its namesake Space Shuttle Enterprise onboard the Intrepid.

The Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept will be on display at the New York Auto Show which opens tomorrow, Wednesday 16 April.