28 May 2014

High tech items in New C-Class

C-Class Avantgarde version
As you would expect, the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class has numerous high-tech items to satisfy the needs of a younger, internet-savvy generation, writes Trish Whelan.

Features include infotainment display, interactive touchpad and apps that give the driver online access to all forms of route planning, guidance, weather and traffic information.

New is a 'head-up' display system that projects important data directly on to the windscreen. Another innovative feature is an air panel mechanism that closes the air flap to prevent pollutants entering the passenger compartment.

Technology passed down from the new S-Class includes optional features like new ambient lighting with three colours and five dimming levels, an 'air balance' package that can 'perfume' the interior to your own liking, a Burmester 'feel-good' surround sound system comprising 13 high-performance speakers configured specifically for the car, and fully automatic 'hands free' access that opens and closes the boot lid with a gentle toe tap.

A new suspension system that can be adjusted electronically with air suspension on front and rear axles is an optional extra.

Safety elements include a drowsiness detection system and Collision Prevention Assist - an adaptive braking system that activates automatically if the driver fails to respond to danger ahead.

Additional offerings include systems to control distance from the vehicle in front, lane keeping assist, active parking, adaptive head beam, traffic sign and wrong way alert systems, as well as a 360-degree camera. Pelvis airbags, a newly developed window bag, side bags and a driver's knee one also form part of the safety story.