14 May 2014

Premium SUV segment set for growth in Europe

European sales of premium SUVs are expected to surge this year and next after a disappointing 2013.

The segment grew 15 percent in 2012 because of strong European demand for models such as the Audi Q3 and Range Rover Evoque but sales last year were down 5 percent to 584,651.

The momentum is expected to be back this year helped by the ongoing proliferation of vehicle lineups from the key players - creating sub-niches or expanding into those niches.

This segment in Europe is expected to top the 1-million mark by 2020.

The Audi Q3 (pictured above) is forecast to remain the segment's top seller in 2015. The Mercedes GLA (pictured below) is forecast to rise to No. 2 in this segment in its first full year of availability. (It was launched here last February).

Europe's top-selling premium SUVs in 2013 were: 1. Audi Q3, 2. BMW X1, 3. BMW X3, 4. Audi Q5, 5. Land Rover Evoque, 6. Volvo XC60, 7. Mercedes GLK, 8. Mercedes ML, 9. BMW X5, 10. Porsche Cayenne.