21 November 2014

Audi powering ahead in global, Irish sales

Audi globally will achieve 1.5m unit sales in 2014, two years ahead of the brand's plan programme towards 2020, writes Brian Byrne.

At the launch of the latest generation of the Audi TT sports coupe and roadster in Ireland, Audi Ireland's marketing manager Mark O'Connell noted that even in the global market areas where car sales are down, Audi's market share has increased.

He added that a decrease of 0.5pc market share in Ireland in 2014 compared to the previous year was largely due to the difficulty prestige brands have in 'turning on the tap' to make more volume available when a market grows.

But with a market share of over 32pc in the premium sales in Ireland, Audi is now top of that area in Ireland for six years in a row. Audi's growth has mirrored the segment growth of some 16pc this year.

Audi Ireland will finish out the year with 4.5pc of the local market.