16 January 2015

1,500 home orders for Toyota's fuel cell saloon

Toyota's Fuel Cell Vehicle concept
In just one month since its launch to the home market in Japan, some 1,500 orders have been received for Toyota's 'Mirai' fuel cell saloon. The Japanese carmaker was taken by surprise by the order bank as it had planned to sell 400 units by the end of 2015!

Orders have come in from government offices and corporate fleets, with the remaining 40 percent from individual consumers.

The Mirai is based on the Toyota FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) concept car (pictured) which was similar in size to the Toyota Camry. It can seat four occupants. The fuel cell system has an output power density of 3.0 kW/L, which is twice as high as that of its previous fuel cell concept.

The Mirai's motor is powered by electricity generated through a chemical reaction between airborne oxygen and hydrogen within an onboard fuel cell. With its combination of environmental friendliness and fun-to-drive performance, the Mirai has the potential to help create a hydrogen society of the future.

Mirai is the Japanese for 'future'.