4 February 2015

Record sales for Hyundai in Ireland

Hyundai achieved its best sales, in the history of the company on the Irish market, during the month of January, writes Trish Whelan.

Hyundai is now the best-selling car brand in four car categories.

The i10 is the bestseller in the A-car segment; the i40 is tops in the D-car segment; the ix35 is best seller in the mid-size SUV segment; while the Santa Fe is best seller in the Large SUV segment.

The all-new Hyundai i20 has met with unprecedented demand in Hyundai dealer showrooms since its launch in December.

To date, Hyundai has seen an increase of 40 percent in i20 sales and is forecasting an increase of 100 percent in sales of i20 by the end of 2015.

Hyundai expect to achieve an overall market share of 9.5 percent on the Irish market by the end of 2015.