3 February 2015

Renault targets high market position with Kadjar

When the new Renault Kadjar crossover goes on sale in June it will be targeting a share in one of the fastest growing segments in Europe, writes Brian Byrne.

Based on the sister company's outstandingly successful second generation Qashqai, the Renault vehicle will be marginally longer and wider.

It's planned for public debut at next month's Geneva Motor Show. Renault has gone on record as expecting it to become the third best-selling crossover in Europe, behind Qashqai and Volkswagen's Tiguan.

Some 118,000 units of the car are anticipated by the company in 2016, in a market segment where it is expected over 2m units will be sold in 2020.

The French company owns 43pc of Nissan, and both companies share technologies, particularly in powertrains and platforms.