18 August 2016

Centenarian is EV driver

A 100 year old Clonmel man who started driving in 1930 behind the wheel of his father’s Ford Model T, has become a pioneer for electric driving in Ireland after buying himself a new Nissan LEAF, writes Trish Whelan.

The 100pc electric and zero emissions LEAF is the first new car that John Walsh has ever bought and with average fuel savings of €1,400 per annum, his new EV would have netted him over €120,000 had the car existed during his motoring life!

“My motivation was to do something to improve the environment and to conserve the supply of fossil fuels. The banks are paying no interest, so I decided to spend my money on an EV to do my own little bit to protect the environment,” said John, who is preparing to celebrate his 101st birthday on 10 September.

The pioneering pensioner particularly enjoys being able to charge his new Nissan car at home.

“I love the car in so far as I drive it on trips into town and to visit friends. There are a few places that I’d like to visit soon like Dungarvan, Holy Cross or Mount Mellery Abbey which is quite a special place and somewhere I used to visit quite a bit in earlier years,” said John, who retired from his job as the chief accountant with Bulmers in 1981.