16 August 2016

Rally School chooses Subaru

Rally School Ireland in Co Monaghan has chosen Subaru Foresters as the latest additions to their fleet of vehicles, as support cars, writes Trish Whelan.

“We already run Subaru WRX STis as our first choice hyper performance tuition cars,” said Managing Director David Smyth. “Our WRXs are fully rally prepped, fitted out with roll cages and all the kit to take drivers to the next level, in complete safety. They’ve proven so reliable and popular, we opted for Subaru again and picked the versatile Foresters.”

The support cars have to be available 24/7/354 and he says the Subaru delivers every time. They are used off-road extensively and David Smyth says their cross-country ability ‘is unbeatable’.

Subaru Managing Director Neville Matthews (pictured above with David Smyth) said they are delighted to renew their relationship with Rally School Ireland and wish them continued success.