25 October 2016

Mercedes launches Concepts of long-planned pickup, X-Class

Mercedes-Benz is hoping to transform the pickup market when it launches its new vehicle in that segment, writes Brian Byrne.

As the first premium brand to enter the pickup segment, the company suggests it can repeat what it did with the M-Class SUV two decades ago, opening up a working vehicle segment to a premium use.

Key market areas for the new pickup will be Latin America, Australia, Europe and Russia, and South Africa, though the company says wherever in the world somebody wants one, 'we will have an offer for them'.

The Concept for the new vehicle was launched this evening outside Stockholm to an audience of journalists from all of the key markets.

The company says that in its research for the project, it noted a trend from where the pickup was evolving from being just a workhorse to a work and lifestyle vehicle.

The Concept X unveiled here this evening was shown in two formats, the sleek urban 'Explorer' variant and a tough environment 'Adventure' version.

The production version will be produced in Barcelona for Europe, Australia and South Africa, and in Cordoba in Argentina for the Latin American markets.

The headline engine will be a V6 Mercedes-Benz diesel, but there will also be 4-cylinder engines in diesel and petrol depending on market, supplied from both Mercedes-Benz and Nissan.

The car was developed in association with Nissan, but Mercedes-Benz says the production pickup will embody all the elements that personify the products of the brand.