11 November 2016

MEPs want registration of drones

The EU is to require that all drones with a take-off mass of 250 grammes or over should be registered with aviation authorities across the EU, writes Brian Byrne.

This will be in updated safety rules which were amended and approved by Transport and Tourism Committee MEPs yesterday.

The amendments were to deal with new risk areas, including the growing use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), terrorism and cyber-attacks.

The Committee's rapporteur Marian-Jean Marinescu noted that unmanned aircraft have great potential for the future, and that many applications are already providing various services, with better quality and results. "At the same time, without proper discipline, these could give rise to serious safety and security problems," he said. "Registration and identification are basic requirements."

The EU Commission would be tasked with defining detailed safety rules for drone design and drone flights, such as conditions in which additional equipment is required to limit altitude or access to critical zones, such as power plants or airports.