28 November 2016

New Fiesta reveal tomorrow

Ford is revealing a seventh-generation Fiesta at an event in Cologne, tomorrow, the latest in a line of the nameplate which began in 1976 (above), writes Brian Byrne.

The car will be pitched more upmarket than the current model, and is expected to feature more upgrade interiors and higher levels of technology to bring it into line with more recent Ford models.

The new Fiesta is expected to share the same global platform as its predecessor, so dimensions won't change very much.

A move away from the long-serving 4-cylinder engine option is also likely, leaving it in slightly down-sized form for the new Ka+ just arrived in Ireland. The award-winning EcoBoost 1.0 will then be the primary powerplant for the new Fiesta.

(Pic by Rudolf Stricker - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0)