30 November 2016

Skoda Ireland to launch first ever Irish TV ad

Volkswagen-owned Skoda Ireland has launched details of its first ever Irish TV ad as part of a €650,000 investment to promote the brand, writes Trish Whelan.

The ad will air on national TV on 5 December.

According to Eimear Walshe, marketing communications manager with Skoda Ireland: “This is the first ad we’ve developed specifically for the Irish market so we’re very excited about it. In terms of timing, the brand has gone through really rapid change over the past two years. We now have almost 7pc market share here in Ireland so we felt the time was right to invest in our brand and show Irish people that we’re not just a Czech brand being sold in Ireland."

She added "By listening to what our audience in Ireland wants and holding focus groups, we found that locally produced communications content resonates more strongly with an Irish audience. This ad campaign is about demonstrating how we at Skoda identify with our Irish audience and their lives.”

Eimear says 'while Skoda cars might not be made in Ireland, the more you get to know them, the more you can see they suit this country perfectly'.

Very few car ads are actually made in Ireland, most are edits of international copy.