2 November 2016

VW edges out Hyundai so far this year

An analysis of passenger car registrations in Ireland year to date shows Volkswagen (15,410 units) as a brand marginally ahead of Hyundai (15,366) and Toyota (15,128), writes Brian Byrne.

The figures to the end of October also show Ford (14,561) in a strong fourth place ahead of Nissan (11,835), Skoda (9,399), Renault (8,410), Opel (7,800), Kia (6,689) and Audi (5,955).

The biggest selling model of the year so far is Hyundai's Tucson (7,406), from VW's Golf (5,440), Ford's Focus (4,814, Skoda's Octavia (4,635) and Nissan's Qashqai (4,582).

Limiting the analysis to the 162 registration period has Hyundai (4,940) leading from Ford (4,555), Volkswagen (4,375), Toyota (4,326) and Nissan (3,438). The biggest selling models in this period are so far the Tucson (2,286), Golf (1,512), Focus (1,504), Qashqai (1,414) and Octavia (1,374).

Overall in the year, five brands — Volkswagen, Hyundai, Toyota, Ford and Nissan are responsible for half of all registrations, leaving the other half to be fought for between 27 other makes.

(Data extracted from MotorCheck.ie registration figures.)