15 December 2016

Mercedes-Benz live 12-hour commercial

Mercedes-Benz has created the world’s first live commercial, ’Now’, that constantly changes over a period of 12 hours, beginning at 8am Irish time today. The film combines artistic performances, data visualisation and live cameras to show that electric vehicle mobility is already part of the brand’s offering. The live stream can be watched around the globe

The 'Now' is unique for every individual. Each moment, countless things happen in the 'Now'. With the world’s first live commercial which will continuously change over the course of 12 hours, Mercedes-Benz shows with the E 350 e* that electric mobility is already now possible with its Plug-In-Hybrid models.

With a combination of live cameras capturing the life in the streets, data visualisations about things that are happening at the moment and a live 12-hour artistic performance from multi-award-winning British choreographer and artist Darren Johnston that aims to recreate a day in our lives, the film will celebrate all of the incredible things that are happening at this very moment, enticing people to experience the Now.