22 December 2016

Slovenia, the green destination

As Slovenia enters 2017 it is pushing to become a major green destination, following the declaration last September that it is the first green tourist destination country in the world.

The country achieved a record 96pc level of compliance with the required sustainability criteria according to a comprehensive assessment by the international organisation Green Destinations.

As the European Green Capital 2016, the country’s premier city Ljubljana (above) was at the forefront of the environmentally and socially aware European Union all year. A national Slovenia Green programme for assessing and promoting sustainability in tourism is making increasingly more recognisable as a country of sustainable tourism that is friendly to local communities and the natural environment.

Slovenia is also ending 2016 with a golden vintage of its ‘green gold locally brewed beer. This year, visitors can taste this delicious brew from the first and only beer fountain in the world, located in Zalec.