5 January 2017

Bosch concept showcases new auto tech

A concept car revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas won’t ever make it to the road, writes Brian Byrne. But the systems showcased by Bosch in it are already here, or close on the way.

The systems build on the developing autonomous driving abilities of cars to make the car a ‘third living space’ for its occupants.

The innovations in the concept include face recognition which will be used to adapt the systems and environment in the car to the driver as soon as she or he enters the vehicle. Mirrors and seats position, temperature, and favourite radio stations are among the personalisation options achieved through this.

Gesture control and haptic feedback on touchscreens are also on show, aimed at allowing the driver make adjustments  without distraction.

New organic light emitting diodes (OLED) are used for screen and instrument displays, and these include dedicated edge of dashboard screens that replace the traditional door mirrors.

The concept also highlights the further development of communications between the car and home or work, which will be useful as the car increasingly takes over the main functions of driving.

Vehicle to vehicle automated communication, including to bicycles, is also a feature, showing how technology can be used to make activities like cycling safer.

Bosch is also showing an automatic emergency call system which can be retrofitted to existing vehicles, and which informs emergency services of an incident as well as communicating directly with the occupants.

Finally, the company’s communication systems to ‘the cloud’ for managing software updates to the vehicle safely and securely is also shown on the concept. These systems ensure that firmware is always up to date, just as happens with modern computer systems.