24 May 2017

Toyota to hold 'Discover Hybrid' event in June

Toyota Ireland will hold a Discover Hybrid event during the month of June in conjunction with its range of consumer offers for 17, writes Trish Whelan.

This year Toyota has seen a 100pc increase in its hybrid sales and hybrid now accounts for 28pc of total sales.

The Japanese carmaker is expecting interest in its hybrid vehicles to continue to build due to its 40pc better fuel economy and the ability to drive in EV mode up to 40pc of the time without needing to ever plug it in. 

The brand’s Hybrid Guarantee is an industry first which gives customers new to hybrid peace of mind by allowing them to swap their hybrid for an equivalent petrol or diesel model during the next registration period should they wish to do so.

June will also see the launch of the company’s first plug in hybrid electric vehicle in time for the new registration period. The Prius PHV will now be available with a plug-in option alongside the standard non-plug in version. June will also see the launch of the new 2017 Yaris with a new design and bi-tone interior. The new Auris Luna sport grade is also available with a black roof, alloys, privacy glass and alcantara trim.

Offers across the Toyota range on all conventional and hybrid vehicles will see customers being able to choose either €3,500 scrappage on vehicles which are older than 2007 or 3 years’ free servicing. PCP rates start from 2.9pc for conventional models and 4.9pc for hybrid. The Toyota Proace is available with up to €4,000 scrappage or APR from 1.9pc.