3 July 2017

New Subaru Impreza for Frankfurt launch

Subaru will launch its new Impreza in Europe on 12 September at the Frankfurt International Motor Show, writes Trish Whelan. 

The Impreza model was first launched in 1992. Since then, approximately 2.5 million units were sold worldwide and 250,000 in Europe.

Built to challenge the harshest weather and road conditions, the All-Wheel-Drive compact hatch offers Subaru’s promise of driving fun, all-round safety and ‘above-average resilience’.

While the new Subaru global platform preserves the distinctive combination of Boxer engine and Symmetrical AWD system, it sets the car’s centre of gravity 5mm lower and offers new dynamic values that resjlt in superior handling and stability, improved hazard avoidance performance, more responsive steering, exceptionally low vibrations and driving comfort.

It comes with new safety features - the EyeSight driver assist technology is fitted as standard. The new model aims to offer world-class collision safety and sporty, Impreza-like handling feel for driving pleasure.

No mention, as yet, as to when it will come to these shores.