1 August 2017

SEAT’s new SUV to be named by popular vote

For the first time in the history of the brand, the name of one of Spanish carmaker SEAT’s models will be chosen by popular vote and you can have your say in naming their new SUV, writes Trish Whelan. 

The initiative #SEATseekingName generated nine proposals from which the winner will be selected. 

The nine place names from all over the Spanish geography selected among the 10,131 proposals received which stand a chance of becoming one of the finalists on 12 September at the Frankfurt Motor Show are: Abrera, Alboran, Aran, Aranda, Avila, Donosti, Tarifa, Tarraco, and Teide.

SEAT is to organise several focus groups in its main markets and will carry out tests in different countries where it sells its cars to select at least three finalists from among the nine shortlisted names for its future third SUV which will go on sale in 2018.

From 12 to 25 September, you can vote for your favourite candidate on seat.com/seekingname, and the name which receives the most votes will be the winner. 

The name of the new SUV will be revealed before 15 October.