20 November 2017

BMW announces its ‘Sterling Offers’

As many Irish consumers look to 2018 to buy a new car, BMW Ireland has announced 9 per cent off the price of any new BMW model, writes Trish Whelan.

This ‘Sterling Sales Event’ offer is in addition to the Lower Emissions Allowance announced earlier this year by BMW Group Ireland which gives customers a further €2,000 off any BMW with emissions of 130g/km or less. The incentive is open to owners of diesel Euro 4 emission standard cars or below, who can trade-in their car for a new BMW i, BMW iPerformance model, or low C02 emission models.

The promotional offer is available from now until the 31 March 2018 at BMW Retailers nationwide. For example, the BMW 530e SE plug-in hybrid model now comes with €5,711 off the list price, €7,500 off in SEAI grants and VRT rebates, plus a potential €2,000 with the Lower Emissions Allowance dropping the price of this model to €48,249 (RRP). 

The new BMW X4 SUV has now arrived at BMW retail outlets. A new 2.0 petrol engine is offered with the familiar diesel offering, plus a new performance flagship, the M40i - the first ever M Performance car in the X3 line-up. Promotional discounts on this model range from €5,196 to €7,648 for the limited period. 

BMW 6 Series GT
The new 6 Series GT, which takes over from the 5 Series Gran Turismo, is offered with a choice of three engines. The BMW xDrive AWD system will be available in two of the three variants. Prices start for a limited period from €66,495 with BMW Ireland’s Sterling Sales Event offer.

OTR prices for the BMW X2 start at €50,320 (xDrive20d SE). It is expected to arrive in Q1 2018.