2 November 2017

Lots of 'best in class' in new C3 Aircross

Because the new C3 Aircross was developed independently rather than being based on the C3 hatchback in its size category, its maker is confident to call it 'the most spacious and modular small MPV', writes Brian Byrne.

Speaking at the Irish launch of the car yesterday, Managing Director of Citroen Ireland Chris Graham said the designers had 'carte blanche' to make it stand out in a 'really busy segment'.

He noted a number of 'best in class' features, including headroom and leg- and knee-room, and said the rear seat passengers have just as comfortable a situation as those in front.

The 520L of luggage space with all seats in use is a greater than SUVs in the next segment up, he said.

The car is available in three grades — Touch, Feel and Flair. The entry level version is fully featured with a range of specification not matched by any competitor, according to a comparison chart. In the Feel grade, expected to be 73pc of sales, the C3 Aircross is the most competitive both in price and level of standard features.

There are two petrol engine options, an 82hp and a 110hp turbo, as well as a 100hp diesel. A full automatic version of the higher-powered petrol is also on offer. The distributors expect that 72pc of sales will be petrol.

Pictured at the launch are Louise Murphy, Marketing Dirtector Citroen Ireland; Chris Graham, Managing Director Citroen Ireland; and Ed Kelleher, Product Manager Citroen Ireland.