21 December 2017

Scrap that banger for car-share credit

A car sharing enterprise in Ireland is offering owners of old and little-used cars an opportunity to scrap them in return for car-sharing credit, writes Brian Byrne.

GoCar is particularly targeting cars that are idle but costing their owners fees in tax and insurance as well as NCT inspections.

The scheme is available to anyone 21 years or older with a full driving licence and a suitable vehicle.

Applicants to the scheme register their vehicle details with GoCar and their estimate of its value. The details will be assessed by GoCar and an offer made to the applicant.

GoCar operates a fleet of cars, vans and electric vehicles at various locations, which will be augmented in January by 200 more 181-registered vehicles.

Full details are available at gocar.ie/swapmycar.