11 January 2018

ENCAP published Best in Class 2017 crash test list

Clockwise from top right: Volvo XC60, VW Polo, VW T-Roc, Subaru XV, VW Arteon, and Opel Crossland X.
Three Volkswagen models, two from Subaru, one Volvo and one Opel were awarded 'Best in Class 2017' ratings by the Euro NCAP crash test organisation, writes Brian Byrne.

The Volkswagens were the Arteon (Executive Class), T-Roc (Small Off-Road), and Polo (Supermini). The Subaru Impreza and its related XV were both given the rating as Small Family Cars.

The Volvo XC60 was the BIC in the Large Off-Road class, while the Opel Crossland X was given the title in the Small MPV class. (NOTE: Class designations used by ENCAP differ slightly from those generally used here.)

ENCAP says that star ratings cannot be compared directly between different categories of vehicles, so a ‘Best in Class’ is published showing which vehicles have performed better than their competitors. The comparison is made only within each calendar year so that all vehicles are assessed against the same standards.

To define the Best in Class, a calculation is made of the weighted sum of the scores in each of the four areas of assessment: Adult Occupant, Child Occupant, Pedestrian and Safety Assist. This sum is used as the basis for comparison of the vehicles. Cars qualify for ‘Best in Class’ based only on their rating with standard safety equipment. Additional ratings based on optional equipment are excluded.