21 February 2018

SEAT fans choose Tarraco for new SUV name

Tarraco will be the name of SEAT’s third SUV, writes Trish Whelan. 

The name has been chosen by 146,124 fans of the SEAT brand in 134 countries who took part in the final stage of the SEATseekingName process. Tarraco received 51,903 valid votes, followed by Avila with 41,993, Aranda with 39,321, and Alboran with 12,907. The results of the votes were certified by EY.

Tarraco city’s modern-day is Tarragona and it was one of the major metropolises of Hispania during the Roman Empire. 

Tarraco is the first SEAT model name to be chosen by popular vote and the fourteenth Spanish place name used to designate a brand model. 

It completes the brand’s SUV offensive which already comprises the Ateca and the Arona with a large vehicle that seats up to seven passengers. 

The Tarraco will be launched at the end of this year.