29 March 2018

New Leaf on sale in Ireland

The new generation Nissan Leaf electric car has gone on sale in Ireland at a starting price of €26,290, writes Brian Byrne. The car has also just been awarded the 'World Green Car 2018' accolade.

The car has a 40 kWh battery which gives it a real-world range of 260km and a potential range, depending on conditions and driving style, in excess of 350km.

Before the new Leaf arrived, Nissan Ireland had already 200 firm orders following a social media campaign.

As the best selling electric car in Ireland since the first version was launched in 2010, a further 2,300 potential owners have expressed interest in the new version.

Nissan Ireland say they will probably sell 1,000 units of the C-segment Leaf this year, though they admit that 'supply may be a problem'.

In direct comparison with a 1.2 petrol Qashqai, operating savings of around €1,200 a year are estimated.

We'll have a first drive review here later.