19 September 2018

Thumbs up for bus driver 'heroes' in road safety discussion

A moderated discussion on road safety hosted by Continental Tyres and members of the FAI revealed that a 'lack of communication' between different kinds of road users was the most common concern, writes Brian Byrne.

The discussion was chaired by Tom Dennigan of Continental Tyres Ireland, and was filmed for distribution as a road safety video.

The discussion focused on best practice and examples of ‘Sharing the Road’ among the different and sometimes competing road users. Other issues included drivers who do not use their indicators and pedestrians and cyclists who do not check both ways before crossing the road.

The overall consensus among the group was that their heroes are the bus drivers. Due to their extra training and professionalism on the road, bus drivers have gained a respect that other transportation areas are working to achieve.

The FAI group that appears in the video includes Pearl Slattery, player with Shelbourne FC in the Continental Tyres Women’s National League – who represented the point of view of pedestrians; John Ward, the FAI’s head of referees who is an avid and committed cyclist; Emer Kane, FAI member and motorcyclist who loves her Ducati 900; Mark Scanlon, an FAI Development Officer who travels around the country promoting the game from grass roots upwards – represented the views of car drivers; Stephen Egan, FAI staff member who drives an FAI-branded Ford Transit for the Association – representing van and small lorry drivers; and Lucky Singh, a bus driver from an Irish coach company that shuttles fans and players to and from matches.