6 November 2018

Sporty new Cupra Ateca

The Cupra brand, created from SEAT’s renowned motorsport division, is designed to attract car enthusiasts around the world, writes Trish Whelan. SEAT is part of the Volkswagen Group.

Cupra will create a brighter range of products focusing on SEAT models. 

The start of this journey began last February with the introduction of the new brand and its first model, the Cupra Ateca, a high-performance SUV that marks the beginning of a new era.

SEAt claim that in a segment dominated by premium brands, the Cupra Ateca disrupts the status quo, moving people away from the conventional to the most contemporary vision of what sportiness is.

Niall Phillips, Brand Director at SEAT Ireland says: “The launch of the Cupra brand and the new Cupra Ateca represents a significant opportunity for us to target a new market of car lovers and show them exactly what we have to offer. There is real ambition behind the Cupra brand and this is very much adding to the sense of excitement associated with the brand.”

The new Cupra will be ready for delivery in January 2019. Pricing will be confirmed by December 2018.