16 November 2018

Subaru Forester clocks up 1 million kms

Jerner (Jerry) Jung with his Forester

A Subaru Forester owner has clocked up 1 million kilometres with no breakdowns, writes Trish Whelan.

Musician Jerner Jung (Jerry) from Slovenia has reached this landmark milestone which is the equivalent of driving 25 laps around the world, in the first generation Subaru Forester he bought on a friend’s recommendation back in 1998.

Jerry recalls the moment he reached 1 million kilometres while driving in his hometown of Ljubljana as he car’s odometer clicked round and got stuck on 999,999km. He thought the odometer would be automatically restarted to 0km so took pictures as he expected no one would believe him. Instead, it got stuck at 999,999km.

Two decades since buying the Forester, and after driving in all kinds of weather conditions and road environments, his Forester has never broken down. “I always paid attention to its regular maintenance and this car still retains about 70pc of its original parts to this day,” he says.

He also acquired a third generation forester a few years ago which already has more than 150,000 on the clock. 

Subaru has established a reputation for making tough cars to withstand the effects of both the elements and time. Over 97pc of the Subaru vehicles sold in Europe in the last 10 years are still on the road today.

The Subaru SUV range makes up 87pc of the total sales volume in Europe. While the Subaru XV is the best-selling model today, the Forester has been leading the pack in Europe for over 20 years with over 330,000 units sold across the region since its launch in 1997. Forester’s global accumulated production exceeds 3.7 million units.