18 December 2018

Follow 'Rudolph' for a safe driving Christmas

Continental Tyres has developed the 'Rudolph' guide for motorists who want to have a safe driving Christmas.

Rudolph stands for
Roadworthy – whatever the vehicle, make sure it is fit for purpose.
Under pressure – get a grip with properly inflated tyres, in particular on wet or frosty roads.
Don’t ever drink and drive.
Observation – stay alert, other road users may change direction, sometimes with little or no warning.
Load – driving with an increased load (people or parcels) on board means that stopping distances increase - make allowance and also, make sure loads are securely in place.
Pause – take a break when you need to. Tiredness can kill.
Hazards –The usual risks on the road exist, but also factor in festive revellers and, perhaps, wintry conditions.