8 January 2019

One in three motorists to buy new car in 2019

One in three Irish motorists are thinking of buying a new car this year, writes Trish Whelan.

The research, by mobility solutions specialist easytrip, also highlighted what would be their engine type preferences. Figures show most will buy diesel (43pc), hybrid came next (27pc), followed by petrol (19pc) and Plug-in electric (9pc).

Some 77pc of respondents said they are most likely to buy from a local car dealership, followed by 15pc of respondents who are considering a UK import purchase, and 5pc plan to purchase their vehicle privately.

Commenting on the research, Colin Delaney, CEO of easytrip said “It’s interesting to see that diesel remains the most popular choice, followed by hybrids and petrol models this year. easytrip would recommend that motorists do their research and select a local dealership who is a member of the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI). Whether it is a new or pre-owned model purchase, easytrip would advise motorists to shop around.

He urges easytrip customers to update their easytrip account details if buying or selling a vehicle during the 191 registration period to avoid incurring any unnecessary toll charges. 

If you’ve bought a new vehicle and transferred your existing tag to it but forgot to update your account details, you will risk receiving a toll bill (at the higher rate) and penalty charge if you’ve travelled through the M50 toll plaza as your new vehicle registration is not connected to your toll tag account. And if you’ve sold your old vehicle and inadvertently left your tag in the vehicle, and haven’t updated your toll tag account, the new owner may continue to use your tag at most barrier toll plazas, racking up a bill connected to your account.

Signing up to an easytrip tag account (www.easytrip.ie or call 1890 67 67 68), you save €1 on M50 toll fees and avoid incurring M50 toll fines for non-payment within the specified period. Tag holders can also avail of easytrip’s free parking service in over 30 car parks nationwide with the easytrip App or tag as well as other services including breakdown assistance and Puncture Protect.