5 October 2020

Nissan concepts Leaf for disaster response

Nissan has developed a concept car to show how its Leaf electric car can be used in natural disaster emergency response, writes Brian Byrne.

The Re-Leaf has weatherproof sockets directly on the exterior, which means the car can be used as an emergency power source for charging both 110v and 230v devices. In real-world situations since 2011, the Leaf has been used in Japan for such emergency purposes as running a medical ventilator, or LED floodlights over periods beyond 24 hours.

The Re-Leaf concept has a wider track and raised ground clearance. A LED light bar on top is another feature. The rear seats have been removed to provide a flat floor for emergency equipment. A pullout desk at the rear includes a 32-inch LED screen and separate power supply to hook up a computer for use as an operation hub at disaster sites.


There are no plans to put the Re-Leaf into production at this time.