30 June 2021

Poor knowledge of EU tyre label amongst buyers

Tom Dennigan of Continental Tyres and the new label.

A new tyre label produced by the EU since 1 May gives essential information about the product's performance in a simplified way, writes Brian Byrne ... but not many Irish motorists know much about tyre labels at all.

The new label replaces one introduced in 2012. However, according to research carried out by Continental Tyres in Ireland, more than two-thirds of respondents said they had never heard of such a label.

The latest label includes detail on fuel efficiency, wet braking and noise performance for all tyres on sale across the EU. Where applicable, there is also information as to capability on snow and ice. It also includes a QR code which gives the consumer access to an EU database that gives more detail on an individual tyre.

Also in the survey, almost two thirds of respondents said price was the determining factor when looking for replacement tyres, with safety coming second or third in most cases.

Welcoming the arrival of the new label, Tom Dennigan of Continental Tyres Ireland said any move towards providing motorists with more information on tyres is 'a very positive step'. “But, the EU, national governments, road safety bodies and indeed, the tyre industry itself, all need to do a better job in informing consumers," he warned.

"Some tyre retailers are very good at providing consumers with all of the detail they need when making a tyre purchasing choice, including showing the EU tyre label for the tyres that are available, but it is clear that many tyre retailers are not fulfilling their responsibility in this regard."