5 May 2022

Kia to help clean the oceans

Kia has signed up to help clear the world's oceans of dumped plastics, writes Brian Byrne.

Partnering with The Ocean Cleanup organisation based in The Netherlands, the carmaker will be providing funds and services to the organisation, which will be working in the oceans and also building devices for cleaning river water before it brings plastics into the seas.

Kia will support The Ocean Cleanup financially to initiate ocean and river cleanup projects, and create a resource circulation system that will help avoid harvested plastics ending up back in the environment. Part of the catch from the operations will find their way back into Kia’s production process. 

The agreement will run for seven years. Pictured are Ho Sung Song, President & CEO Kia Corporation; and Boyan Slat, Founder & CEO The Ocean Cleanup.