28 March 2023

New Ford Ranger variants upcoming

Ford is now offering two Ranger pickup variants with enhanced offroad capabilities, writes Brian Byrne.

The Ranger Wildtrak X and Ranger Tremor will be available to order from next month, with deliveries expected in European markets from August.

Both will come with higher ride height and wider track than the standard Ranger versions, as well as special suspension components including Bilstein high-performance dampers, and a 'Trail Turn Assist' which reduces turning radius in tricky offroad driving.

The Ranger Tremor has visual differences as well as seats and floor materials designed to weather tough conditions.

Both Ranger Wildtrak X and Tremor can be specified with Ford’s innovative new Flexible Rack System, a folding roof rack and adjustable sliding rear load hoop that allow long items to be carried above the roof rather than wedged between the tailgate and cab.  Flexible Rack System is now also available as an option for Ranger Wildtrak series.