17 October 2023

New Citroen C3 revealed as all-electric

Citroën have revealed the fourth generation of their C3 supermini as an all-electric urban crossover-style car at a starting price of €23,300 in Europe, writes Brian Byrne. The price in Ireland hasn't yet been released.

The new car will come with a 44kWh battery pack offering a rated range of 320km and a 20-80pc charging in 26 minutes.

Standard equipment will include Citroën Advanced Comfort® Suspension as standard equipment to all versions. An innovative Citroën Head-Up Display reflects vehicle driving information onto a glossy black section between the top of the dash panel and the bottom of the windscreen, replacing the traditional separate instrument cluster.

The e-C3 also debut's the new Citroën design language previewed in the 2022 Citroën Oli concept.